We hope you and your families continue to be safe and healthy during this unprecedented time. We are optimistic that the COVID 19 situation is improving and are encouraged that the Governor has approved outdoor tennis as of May 15th so that players can enjoy the many physical and mental benefits that tennis provides.

Because tennis does not require direct person-to-person contact, we believe it can be played safely in this new environment if everyone works together as a TEAM! Of primary importance to us is taking every precaution to help keep all our staff, players, families and friends safe so we can enjoy the sport we all love so much.

We have established a set of safety protocols for Phase 1 of the Club’s Reopening. We used information from State/Local/CDC/USTA guidelines as our foundation. We also added your valuable feedback from our online survey along with our own RRC staff input, to come up with a comprehensive game plan specific to Rye Racquet. A big thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts in the survey…and yes, we miss you too!

Please read below for the details of Phase 1. As you will see, we are taking a very conservative approach and will amend these policies as needed.

Some of these measures may be intimidating at first but given our new, ever-changing normal environment, they are necessary for everyone’s safety. Please talk to your children before coming to the club so they are properly prepared for the changes. Rest assured, the pros will keep play safe, fun and relaxed!

We will have a revised set of guidelines as we enter Phase 2 of the Reopening. We DO expect to hold classes and camp this Spring/Summer, as long as State/Local guidelines permit. We are working on setting up additional large tents outside so that we can separate into small groups of under 10 players. More details to follow for protocols specific to Camp.

We are all really excited to have everyone back on the courts, including our young players! This is going to be a huge TEAM EFFORT – but we have confidence in all our players and staff that we can do it! Please help us maintain a safe environment for everyone by following our safety protocols. Players who do not follow club protocols will be kindly asked to leave.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

RRC Team

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